Southampton 0 vs 1 Manchester United highlights 27.8

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag: “I think the my players learnt some lessons from Brentford. We were more compact on the long balls. Of course we were really happy. The goal we created, we could have made more. You hope to have more control in the last 30 minutes of the game.

“arrived at half time we already had the best chance of the game. I was satisfied. At the start of the game we could have created more. It is the start of the Year, it is tough. You have to battle and we did that today so we were rewarded.

“It was a fantastic finish. I am really happy for Bruno [Fernandes]. But I think it was the best part of us. We kept control straight after half time. We moved it please and we created three really good chances straight after half time and that is how I want us to play.

“I still feel there is room for improvement, to control more, but we are not that long in our way. We can improve that is clear.”

On the transfer window: “I cannot say that. We stick to the work. If a good player is available we will strike. We will be alert even the last second of the window.”

Southampton vs Manchester United .
Score: 0-1.