Manchester City 4 vs 2 Crystal Palace highlights 27.8

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola : “the last two games have had a lot of goals and a lot of goals conceded. It was a good game. We have always struggled in front of them but we came return. in the later seasons we didn’t have it but Now we are starting to do it. It is a good lesson for us what happened in the first half but Now it is a good game.

“We have to correct. We are soft in some departments. There are parts we need to be in the Competition more. The Premier League doesn’t wait. come you are awaiting a during it is difficult.

“It was not a frustration for the goals to happen in set-pieces, it is that we didn’t do what we planned.”

Brought Erling Haaland for these games? “Definitely for this type of game. We have not done anything special for him that he didn’t do arrived at. It is important for him to get goals. He has the sense to score goals. The third one, to have the quality to be large then put the ball in the net. The space depends on the movement of the opponents. You have to be patient and have more runners. It gives him more space.

“Bernardo Silva I never doubt. He is a a lot competitor and has an incredible mentality. You have to be a winning player.”

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace .
Score: 4-2.