Liverpool 9 vs 0 AFC Bournemouth highlights 27.8

Bournemouth boss Scott Parker: “It doesn’t surprise me. This is currently where it is at this moment in time. The my players need help. today proved too a lot a challenge. The levels were far too a lot.

“At times we couldn’t bear it, the intensity. We’ve got a decision to make as a Club. There will be days like this. Time will tell. It’s a a lot disappointment, a real humbling experience.

“I’m gutted for the my players. It’s my job and it will be the defining of us as a group of how we bounce return from this.

“We have some days where hopefully we can get some help in and Support and help the current Club who came Up from the titles.

“There’s loads of work to be done. The experience today, you never want to be on The End of this. This is currently where are are. If this is the group we’re going with we’ll react and see where are.”

Liverpool vs AFC Bournemouth .
Score: 9-0.